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The Arizona Corporation Commission ordered Jayson Papa, David Miller and Associates to Pay Restitution

On May 18, 2021, the securities division of the Arizona Corporation Commission ordered Jayson Papa, David Miller, and associates to pay restitution and penalties for defrauding investors. Miller operated a company called Meroe Capital Group Ltd. which was retained by Papa’s company, Castle International, LLC. The respondents in the ACC’s order offered and sold securities in the form of at least 22 notes to at least l1 investors, for a total of at least $1,119,425. All of the securities were unregistered and were all fraudulent.

Miller found investors by approaching strangers in public places, such as gyms and restaurants. He told offerees that Castle International was “an exciting company that conducted medical transports domestically and did rescue missions outside the U.S. Miller claimed that Meroe, his “firm,” was a serious Wall Street investment firm. The company’s website and materials featured a Wall Street address, which was in reality a virtual office. Miller told one investor that Castle International was such an exciting company that he personally invested $200,000 in it. The investors’ notes were never fulfilled.

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