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Florida Employee Leasing Companies Operating Without Licenses Under the Guise of Being “Employers of Record”

This law firm is investigating the potentially illegal efforts of Employee Leasing Companies attempting to evade Florida’s stringent licensing requirements by calling themselves “Employers of Record”, when in fact they may be operating as de facto Employee Leasing Companies.  Employee Leasing Companies are also known as “professional employer organizations”, or PEO’s.

These licensing requirements are to protect you, the consumer, and Florida law makes clear that PEOs must be licensed in Florida.  Just as the state emphasizes the importance of hiring only licensed contractors after a hurricane, Florida’s employers should only hire licensed PEOs to protect them and their employees’ payroll.

It appears that the state of Florida and the DBPR began investigating unlicensed EOR companies late last year.  We are also investigating several EOR companies including OysterHR, Deel and others.  PEOs or employee leasing companies that conduct business in Florida without an active license, are subject to discipline pursuant to Chapter 468, Florida Statutes.

If you are aware of PEOs or Employee Leasing Companies operating in Florida without active licenses, please contact this law firm if you wish to discuss the issue.  Please contact David A. Weintraub, P.A., 7805 SW 6th Court, Plantation, FL  33324, or call (954) 693-7577.