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Golden Queen Mining, Ltd.

In its 10Q report for the first quarter of 2011, Golden Queen stated, “[t]he Company has had no revenues from operations since inception and as at March 31, 2011 has a deficit of $64,172,865 accumulated during the exploration stage. Management plans to control current costs and does not anticipate requiring additional financing to fund Company activities over the next twelve months. In addition, management plans to secure equity and/or debt or joint venture financing to fund construction of the operating facility at the Soledad property (“Soledad”) once a feasibility study has been concluded and a production decision has been made. The ability of the Company to obtain financing for its ongoing activities and thus maintain solvency, or to fund construction of the operating facility at Soledad, is dependent on equity market conditions, the market for precious metals, the willingness of other parties to lend the Company money or the ability to find a joint venture partner. While the Company has been successful at certain of these efforts in the past, there can be no assurance that future efforts will be successful. This raises substantial doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.” Investors, certified public accountants and estate planning attorneys should be especially concerned when seeing this stock in an investment portfolio managed by Raymond James or UBS Financial Services if the portfolio was not supposed to be invested in high risk securities. Not only should your clients consider having a Certified Financial Planner review the portfolio, they should also consider having an experienced securities arbitration attorney review the portfolio. David A. Weintraub, P.A. is interested in speaking with Golden Queen Mining investors who believe that their investments were supposed to be conservatively managed.