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European Goldfields, now known as Eldorado Gold

In its Annual Information Form dated March 31, 2011, European Goldfields stated with regard to Market Price Volatility, “The trading price of the Common Shares has been and may continue to be subject to large fluctuations….Ownership of the Common Shares is currently concentrated and sales of substantial amounts of Common Shares in the public market by the Company’s shareholders, or the perception that such sales might occur, could result in a material adverse effect on the market price of the Common shares….[t]he effect of these and other factors on the market price of the Common Shares on the exchanges in which the Company trades has historically made the Company’s share price volatile and suggests that the Company’s share price will continue to be volatile in the future.” Investors, certified public accountants and estate planning attorneys should be especially concerned when seeing this stock in an investment portfolio managed by Raymond James or UBS Financial Services if the portfolio was not supposed to be invested in high risk securities. Not only should your clients consider having a Certified Financial Planner review the portfolio, they should also consider having an experienced securities arbitration attorney review the portfolio.

David A. Weintraub, P.A. is interested in speaking with European Goldfields and Eldorado Gold investors who believe that their investments were supposed to be conservatively managed.