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Coronavirus & COVID-19 Losses

ATTENTION RISK AVERSE INVESTORS: David A. Weintraub has heard from investors who have suffered significant losses in the wake of the recent stock market crash. These losses may be recoverable if they were caused by unsuitable investments (or bad advice) by a financial advisor or broker. Have you suffered losses in excess of $100,000? We want to hear from you. Call us anytime at 800 718-1422.

Can I Sue my Financial Advisor or Stockbroker for Losses Linked to Recent Market Events?

The answer is yes. Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors have a duty to act in the best interests of their client. They may also have a duty to monitor your investments – to keep you informed and advise you whether to hold or sell your investments. Isn’t that what they advertise they will do? Isn’t that why you pay them for advice?
That is why you need an experienced attorney to review your portfolio and determine if the Financial Advisor acted negligently. Do not sit on the sidelines waiting to see if your investments will recover. Not only do you need sound financial advice from a qualified Financial Advisor, you may also need legal advice regarding the consequences of liquidating your portfolio versus holding your investments with your fingers crossed.

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