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Alabama Securities Commission filed a Cease and Desist Order Against John Paul Maroney and two of his Florida companies

On June 25th, 2020, the Alabama Securities Commission filed a Cease and Desist Order against John Paul Maroney and his companies Harbor City Capital Corp. and Harbor City Digital Ventures, Inc. Based out of Melbourne, FL, Maroney advertises unrealistic returns on investments that, in fact, do not exist. The Securities Exchange Commission has no records of any of Maroney’s companies or the bonds he offers; the Alabama Securities Commission does not have any records either. Maroney is not registered as a broker or investment advisor in the State of Alabama. Maroney advertised an 18% annual return on investment, along with other fraudulent investments.

What is most surprising about this case is that despite the Cease and Desist Order, Harbor City Capital’s website is still live and soliciting investments. The website currently lists a bond titled HCCF-4.  HCCF-4 guarantees a 12% return on the one-year bond with no risk to the principal. Harbor City Capital Corp. is not listed in Sunbiz as a Florida entity.  The website states, “Pocket 12% Yield With ZERO Risk To Your Principal.”  So where are our regulators when we need them?

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